Doug Cox ADI

“I like the flexibility of being a Driving instructor, I work the hours I want, with a bit of forward planning I can do what I want.  If I want to work very hard I take on a few new customers for a couple of weeks and then as pupils pass their tests my hours reduce. If I fancy working extra hard for a few weeks I will take on an intensive course of between 10 and 20 hours.

I have worked with a number of franchise Driving School before finding BDS, they are the best company I have ever worked with, they are flexible and have always got me the work.  I also only work a few miles from my home address, which is ideal, I am not wasting my time or fuel driving across town between customers.

The best part about being a Driving Instructor for me; I like watching the learners progress lesson by lesson. If I you do the job right they become grateful friends. They learn a life skill because of me. Lets face it people never forget their driving instructor.”
Doug Cox, ADI