Still not sure about which company to choose for your training? Here are a few testimonials from some of our BDS Driving School Instructors.


Dave Grundy ADI

Before I became a Driving Instructor I was a coach driver, I had taught my sons and daughters, ex-girlfriend, neighbours and found I quite enjoyed it and got a real buzz when they passed their tests. So after leaving Duple Coaches I trained to become an instructor.  I am passionate about my job, the work you put in to make good drivers out of people is great.  I am a people person and I get great job satisfaction.  I like being part of BDS, its brilliant, I sleep at night, the work is there, no dashing about when the phone rings in case you miss a new student. Also if you fall ill when a student should be on test another BDS instructor will come to the rescue! “

Dave Grundy ADI

Paul Tilling ADI

I have been with BDS since I qualified in 1997, I can honestly say I have never had an empty diary, the way they book the lessons in works well.  Card payments are an option for pupils that forget their money on the day. I know it sounds cheesy but Donna and Tony feel part of my extended family.  All is great with BDS.

I am proud to be part of the Training Team within BDS, I believe in the company and am keen to help it develop and grow even further”

Paul Tilling ADI

Emma Bird ADI

“I initially trained with a National Company and failed my Part 3 test before discovering BDS Driving School. I had paid a huge amount for training with the National School that I found was of little benefit to me.

I knew if I didn’t find someone else to train me I would fail my part 3 again and all that money and time would be wasted.

Thankfully I found Donna Sumner who immediately made things clear. She quickly passed me on to their Head Trainer, Tony, who identified my weaknesses and demonstrated ways to improve.   I don’t think I would have qualified if it had not been for Tony’s excellent tuition and knowledge.

I would highly recommend anybody considering becoming an ADI to contact Donna at BDS. You will not be disappointed with the amount of learning and understanding of the ADI tests you will gain over the weeks you work together.

I joined BDS on their Franchise system.  It’s a great company to work with, they are very supportive and I have always had all the work I need”.

Emma Bird ADI

Steph Afifi ADI

“I was a Midwife before become a Driving Instructor, I liked driving and teaching skills to people and so I decided to combine the two.

I like the freedom that being a Driving Instructor gives you, I have the flexibility of time management, I like working for myself but being part of a team as well.

I have worked with BDS for 8 years, since I qualified, and found them to be fair with their work distribution, flexible and you are never obliged to take students on.

They encourage teamwork and are always friendly and professional.   With BDS it is relaxed and friendly, no pressure to take students and their fees are reasonable too!

I would not hesitate to recommend a franchise with them”

Steph Afifi ADI

Stephen Wild ADI

“Before becoming a Driving Instructor I drove a Black Cab for 22 years.  I got into being a Driving Instructor by accident, I started with a non-driver and got them through to a pass, it was a great buzz.

You will often build a bond with people and to see them pass their test makes it very worthwhile.

I worked as in independent instructor for many years, but I found it difficult finding work during the recession and so I joined BDS Driving School. I have never looked back.  My diary is bursting and there is always a waiting list of customers.  We work on postcodes close to our homes and so it’s always very local customers we get.

With BDS I like being part of a team, a driving instructor can sometimes be a lonely profession, whilst you meet plenty of people during your job you don’t always mix or talk with other ADI’s.  Being part of BDS changed that.

In todays world you need marketing, this is something I am not very good at, so I let BDS do all that, its something I don’t even need to think about anymore.

Stephen Wild ADI

Doug Cox ADI

“I like the flexibility of being a Driving instructor, I work the hours I want, with a bit of forward planning I can do what I want.  If I want to work very hard I take on a few new customers for a couple of weeks and then as pupils pass their tests my hours reduce. If I fancy working extra hard for a few weeks I will take on an intensive course of between 10 and 20 hours.

I have worked with a number of franchise Driving School before finding BDS, they are the best company I have ever worked with, they are flexible and have always got me the work.  I also only work a few miles from my home address, which is ideal, I am not wasting my time or fuel driving across town between customers.

I have been a driving instructor for 30 years. Over this period I have mainly worked part time as I have other incomes. I have worked for quite a few driving schools but none have as good as BDS. In fact they don’t come close. The balance between being business-like and having a casual friendly approach is exceptional. Right from start I felt at home. The ethos of ‘work as many hours/days as you want can’t fail to fit in with any driving instructor or potential driving instructors needs. This is GREAT company.

The best part about being a Driving Instructor for me; I like watching the learners progress lesson by lesson. If I you do the job right they become grateful friends. They learn a life skill because of me. Lets face it people never forget their driving instructor.”

Doug Cox ADI

Norrie Umpleby

My name is Norrie and I am a driving instructor with BDS Driving School. 

In 2003 I lived in Yorkshire and I felt I was at a standstill in my job, I wanted to do something I really enjoyed so started to think of other options to fulfill my life. I come across an advert for driving instructing and decided to investigate. I liked the idea of being my own boss. I also liked the idea of making a difference, be able to teach people a life time skill, to learn to drive safely. 

I started on a trainee licence which I feel helped me as I was learning whilst instructing.   I originally passed my part 3 test and received my ADI badge in 2004. I was teaching in a manual car at that time and really enjoyed the job. However, in 2007, due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t renew my badge.   After a couple of years, I regretted not renewing my badge and wasn’t in a position to retrain. 

After I moved to Fleetwood, I decided to look into being self-employed again and I decided I wanted to get back into driving instructing.  As I didn’t know the area very well I looked around to find a school that would give me the training locally so that I could get my ADI badge back again. 

I found BDS on the internet and I liked what I saw. I looked at others and no one else compared to BDS so I made an appointment to see them. From the first time we met I knew this was the school for me. Donna and Tony made me very welcome and answered every question I had. They helped me tailor the training to suit my needs. 

I passed my tests and got my ADI badge back again in March 2018. I left my admin job and started teaching straight away. I now instruct in automatic and really enjoy it. 

BDS transformed my life and I have a full diary and ALL the help and support I could ever want. 

I have never looked back.

Gillian Sherry ADI

“I have been with BDS for 13 years, when I first qualified I was given every support and encouragement from Tony and Donna, that has never changed.

The company has gone from strength to strength and now has 15 instructors on the team.

Donna is continually striving to improve and grow the business, she keeps the team well informed, and is open to suggestions and ideas, bringing the team together, for discussion and meetings.

Although I work independently, I always feel part of a team, and there is always back up from the school. Work comes through on a regular basis and I always have the amount of work that suits me. 

The franchise rates are realistic, competitive and affordable.
To support your in car training, teaching aids are provided, cancellation policy in place to protect your earnings, advertising taken care of and work wear is also available.

Donna has put together good package deals for pupils, including revision notes, help with theory, car maintenance and good deals for either hourly rates or intensive courses, hence the growth of the school.

A growing company, that still maintains a team feel”

Gillian Sherry ADI