Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?

Imagine being able to choose the hours AND days you work.

Imagine never having to ask for time off, you just manage your own diary and YOU decide. 

Changing career can be an exciting venture but its very important to do your research as not all training providers are the same.  A new career is a life changing decision and so we offer you a wealth of support to help you choose wisely.

We have been training Instructors in Blackpool for years and we have built an excellent training package with a proven success rate.  We can tailor our course to you, everyone learns at different paces and not everyone needs the while package and so we look at what you DO need and train accordingly. 

There are a few vital steps we ask you to make BEFORE you make the decision on your trainer. 

1. Please order a copy of our information booklet, where you can read the case studies some of our franchised instructors who talk about why they came in to this industry, how their lives have changed and their thoughts on the job and how they feel working with us. 

2. Pay a visit the office to witness first hand exactly how you would fit in to the team and to observe the day to day running of the driving school. See how we work and how we can find the work once you qualify. 

3. Ask every single question you can think of and I will give you a very honest answer. We have to be very transparent in everything we do as we live and operate on your doorstep.

4. Meet and speak to one of our trainers, they will conduct all your training sessions on a 1-1 basis and it’s important that you know who your trainer is  and more importantly whether you feel you would gel with him.

5. Research what other training companies have to offer and you will then be able to make an informed comparison.

Even after conducting extensive research and commencing the training course, you may find that this is not for you after all and for this reason we wish to remove all the risk and offer a refund at any time and for any reason.

No Other Training Provider offers this !

Many national companies ask for all the money in advance and there is no refund at any point!

You can be assured that we DONT ask for any money until you have taken advantage of an assessment lesson with one of our trainers.

The assessment will look at your driving and give you a good insight to what being a driving instructor is all about. The instructor will get an idea of whether they feel you will be able to complete the training.

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