The DVSA have confirmed that the ADI Part 3 test is due to change from the 2nd October 2017. The changes will mean that the examiner role playing the part of a pupil will be removed and replaced with an actual student. The examiner will sit in the rear to observe a lesson.  It will fall inline with the current Standards Check which is used to assess fully trained ADI’s.

Candidates sitting the test from the 2nd October will need to plan the route for themselves as opposed to the current test being given step by step directions to relay to a “pupil” portrayed by the examiner and arrange a normal one hour lesson with a student, the student may be either a learner driver or a full licence holder needed instruction to develop their driving skills.

The change is because the current test structure does not fully prepare PDI’s for real life as an ADI and means that they are requiring further training after qualification to prepare for the standards check test and reality of the job. This new test will better prepare PDI’s for all elements of teaching such as planning routes, dealing with driver faults, teaching new subjects and management of risks on the road.

This is a huge change to the current method of training and so it is imperative that you choose a trainer that is up to date with the changes and has received the right training to make sure you get the best out of your course.