The new ADI Part 3 Test is underway, and looks like people who have been lurking in the shadows holding back for the new test have jumped into the sunlight and snaffled up all the Part 3 test dates. Waiting times have increased from weeks to months.

From October to December 2017 there was a period of uncertainty as the Part 3 Test was delayed and many trainees, who had been trained under the new Standard Check System were holding back for the new test, it was very frustrating for them to wait most of the year for the “Autumn” date, to find the 2nd October date was put back to 4th December and then back even more so to the end of December.  It doesn’t instil confidence into the industry they are moving into!

Some of our Trainees decided to put their training on hold until a definite date was in place and others opted for the Trainee Licence route.

I feel sorry for any PDI who takes their “live learner” to test to get a “fail”.  It doesn’t instil any confidence into the Learner that they have chosen a competent instructor, so choose your learner wisely, make sure you get excellent training, more importantly don’t rush in, get plenty of practice and make sure you are ready!