No more credit or debit card fees in Europe from 2018

From January 13 2018 companies across the European Union will be banned from charging any fees for credit or debit card payments. This new Legislation will remain Law after we leave the EU as it is already implemented into UK Law

What does this mean?

Basically companies can no longer add a charge to your payment as a “Credit Card Fee”.

Up until 13th January companies were not allowed to make any money on the fee, but they could pass the charge onto the customer, this has all now changed.

The main culprits were the travel companies, airlines such as Ryanair used to charge a fee for paying by credit card, this is no longer allowed.

That’s good news right?

Maybe not!  Instead of implementing a credit card fee, many companies are imposing an “Admin Fee”, but instead of just charging the people that paid by credit card, this fee may be implemented across the board!  So now everyone may have to pay extra!

So whilst you can now wave the plastic without the dreaded Credit Card Processing Fee, beware of the “Admin Fee”

The good news is that Be A Driving Instructor don’t charge any fees, credit card or admin fee, there is no small print!

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