I chose BDS because it is a local company, and I read their reviews. I spoke to Donna and instantly felt comfortable and knew I had picked the right team for me. She was very professional, explained everything in great detail and helped me to work out a plan that worked for me. There was no expectation that it was this way and the only way. We are all individuals and learn different ways and sometimes need different approaches to achieve our goals. The team at BDS are great and very helpful with anything I asked or needed. Emma was my trainer and I was in great hands, we all have those driver faults she soon found mine, but gave me great advice on what I need and great praise when I achieved.
If you want to become a driving instructor you can’t go wrong with this team, you will feel a belonging that is personal to you and not just another number in a larger organisation. You will feel and see the support you get from the whole team. Join us at BDS. Mandy